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Another (meaningless) Preseason All Big 12 Team

So a couple weeks ago we talked about one of several preseason All Big 12 teams that had recently come out and now we have yet another surely to be completely meaningless one.  This time Athlon has put together their preseason All Big 12 teams and much like the last one we covered, the "controversy" starts at the top.

First Team Offense

QB Robert Griffin, Baylor

RB Cyrus Gray, A&M

RB Eric Stephens, Texas Tech

WR Justin Blackmon, OSU

WR Ryan Broyles, OU

TE Michael Egnew, Mizzou

C Ben Habern, OU

OL Levy Adcock, OSU

OL Lonnie Edwards, Texas Tech

OL Luke Joeckel, A&M

OL Dan Hoch, Mizzou

Now I like to watch RGIII play as much as the next guy and there is certainly no denying he's an amazing athlete, but 1st team All Big 12?  I'm just not buying it.  Not because the guy isn't capable of having a great season, but it would require either Baylor making an unprecedented run in the league or Griffin putting up ridiculous stats on an average at best Baylor squad.  Of the two scenarios, I think the latter is the much more likely of the two and if so it's just hard to see a guy lead his team to a middle of the pack finish (again, at best) and then claim 1st team QB honors.  I'd also take issue with Eric Stephens as a 1st team RB as I think he's probably 4th or 5th in the Big 12 at best.

1st team defense and 2nd team offense/defense after the jump.

First Team Defense

DL Frank Alexander, OU

DL Dominique Hamilton, Mizzou

DL Brad Madison, Mizzou

DL Kheeston Randall, Texas

LB Emmanuel Acho, Texas

LB Travis Lewis, OU

LB Keenan Robinson, Texas

CB Leonard Johnson, Iowa State

CB Coryell Judie, A&M

S - Markelle Martin, OSU

S - Ty Zimmerman, K-State

Don't have a ton of issues with the 1st team defense, though I would absolutely include Demontre Hurst over either of the CBs they have listed.  If Jamell Fleming were to make it back, I think he'd also deserve the nod over either choice above.  I'd also probably put OSU's Shaun Lewis over UT's Robinson.

Second Team Offense

QB Landry Jones, OU

RB Roy Finch, OU

RB Joseph Randle, OSU

WR Jeff Fuller, A&M

WR T.J. Moe, Mizzou

TE James Hanna, OU

C Grant Garner, OSU

OL Elivs Fisher, Mizzou

OL Gabe Ikard, OU

OL Kelechi Osmele, Iowa State

OL Lane Taylor, OSU

Second Team Defense

DL Tevin Elliott, Baylor

DL Richetti Jones, OSU

DL Ronnell Lewis, OU

DL Jacquies Smith, Mizzou

LB Zaviar Gooden, Mizzou

LB Jake Knott, Iowa State

LB Shaun Lewis, OSU

CB David Garrett, K-State

CB Demontre Hurst, OU

S Cody Davis, Texas Tech

S Blake Gideon, Texas