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Most Intriguing 2011 Sooner Match-up

Basketball was a nearly uninteresting topic while Baseball was a disappointment. Softball capitalized on their promise of a WCWS and Track had some of their best performances to date. Tennis was a surprise and Golf had a record breaking season, at least for the women's side. But, the top dog of em all, Football seems to be in the distant past as well as distant future. Now as the anticipation sets in and continues to build to a point where it could be cut with a knife concerning the upcoming 2011 Oklahoma Sooners Football season, there is a ton of scrounging around to find topics to discuss. We have taken a look at the 2011 schedule, a schedule that is littered with rivalry games as well as revenge games. This is definitely not going to be a cupcake season for the Sooners. I have been full of questions lately in an attempt to dive into some conversation about the Sooners and the upcoming season so why should this post be any different? With a schedule that will host some of the best players in the nation from teams including Oklahoma State, Florida State, Texas A&M, and the revamped Texas, which match-up are you looking forward to the most?