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Yes OSU Fans, This Is Why We Laugh At You

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Yep, insecurity and OSU football pretty much go hand-in-hand. Need some proof? Check this out. As we've slowly (can't emphasize that enough) been working our way through our spring reviews/fall previews for the Big 12 schools in which we leave three questions yet to be answered guess who has taken exception? If you guessed Oklahoma State then you'd be correct!

"Show'em what they've won, Johnny!"

"Its another crimson and cream Bedlam Cup!" 

On Thursday I posted the OSU review/preview and I had the nerve to center my questions around a new offensive coordinator, a new starting running back and a defense that surrendered 100,000 points to Oklahoma and Nebraska. Who do I think I am to bring up such insane accusations! 

Before too long had the post up on their Big 12 Lunch Links and the next thing you I'm getting slammed on Orange for promoting "Gooner Propaganda." Ummm...I thought this was about Oklahoma State? 

Came across this on ESPN in the Big 12 Blog. Sounds like they really don't take us that seriously. I hope they continue to think Randle is our only running back. They also seem sure that Moken can't run the same O. Anyways take it for what it is worth, which isn't much. Just killing time till September.    

I just simply asked if Randle was ready for his number of carries to increase by two/thirds and if Moken would be able to make the same play calls as Holgorsen? Go ahead and twist it anyway you'd like there buddy in hopes that no one would actually read the real article. However, you need to know that you sound a lot like the high school girlfriend who interprets what you actually say for what she "feels" like you're saying all the while annoying everyone.

Ya I understand, but I think we deserve some respect. I would love to come out one year and just throttle them and really rub it in. My big brother use to beat the crap outta me over and over. Now that I have grown up and matured he dare not lay a finger on me. I am wanting to see this turn in our relationship with the boys down south.    

Ha! A true confession that you are, in fact, little brother!

I took offense only to the 'laying down' line - the defense didn't play well against NU, but fought hard and made some mistakes against the goons.    

They gave up 23 points and 253 yards in the final 15 minutes against the Sooners and all I'm gonna say about Nebraska was they were talking Heisman Trophy for Taylor Martinez after that game. If that isn't laying down then it is epic fail. 

To their credit there were some reasonable posts at the site from OSU fans who took the post for what it was, an off-season look that gives credit for the obvious and raises some questions about the...well...questions. Its not like we haven't already done this with five other schools. They'd have you believe I singled out Oklahoma State because arrogantly I think the Sooners are better. It isn't arrogance, it is fact! 

Thanks for giving us some great fodder and good laughs though.