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Oklahoma's Ryan Broyles Poised To Shatter NCAA Records

Over his college career, Ryan Broyles has consistently gotten better and better each year. From first being recruited as a DB, Broyles has made ripples turn into waves as part of the receiving core. Some would go as far as saying that Broyles is the best receiver Oklahoma has ever landed thus far while others still give that title to Mark Clayton. Regardless, Broyles is on pace to shatter a few NCAA records after owning nearly every receiving record at OU. It isn't just that Broyles has the numbers to compete with the records, it is the fact that he catches anything and everything thrown to him. There is no dropping it with this kid. Broyles has become a living highlight reel (cue the ESPN dun-nuh-nuh dun-nuh-nuh) and has the possibility of going down in history as the most productive college receiver the game has ever seen.

Records are set to be broken, right? So, just how many records can Broyles set and which ones are achievable? We'll take a look after the jump.

Season G-GS Rec Yds Avg TD Rush Yds TD PR KR
2008 13-8 46 687 14.9 6 3 11 0 24-238 0
2009 12-12 89 1,120 12.6 15 0 0 0 31-492 4-81
2010 14-14 131 1,622 12.4 14 0 0 0 34-268 2-32
Career 39-35 266 3,429 12.9 35 3 11 0 90-998 6-113


Let's start with receptions. Broyles is said to have his break out season in 2009 when he nearly doubled his production in every category. I still hold that you can have more than one break out season after watching this kid play and what he was capable of doing in 2010. With team keying in on him and scheming around him, he was still able to lead the nation in receptions per game while racking up huge yardage. As you can see Broyles currently sits at 266 career receptions after a whopping 131 catch season. The current D-I record was set by Taylor Stubblefield at Purdue in 2001-04 who caught 316 passes. If Broyles can duplicate what he did last season, which I expect he is more than capable of and will need to do if OU is going to make a run at the title, he will post something that will likely be hard to compete with at just under 400 career receptions.

Next up to be broken is the career receiving yards. The current mark is set by Nevada's Trevor Insley at 5,005. This is where it could get a little tricky for Broyles. With just under 3,500 career yards, Broyles will have to have the exact same kind of year he had in 2010 to be able to break this one. Since everyone knows that Ryan is going to be the main target of this pass happy offense, it is likely that he will break this record by just a few yards. It will be a close call but it is not something that is unattainable.

Last on the list of things to watch for is the career touchdown mark. The current record belongs to Jarrett Dillard from Rice who posted a total of 60 receiving TD's. While Broyles has just over half of what he needs to set this record, I simply think this one is out of reach for him. Now had he pasted the defenses his freshman year, he might have a chance at this one but a 6 TD season just isn't going to cut it for a receiver to compete with this mark in my opinion. I hope, however, that Broyles can get out there and prove me wrong. Ryan had this to say about himself:

"I pride myself on being able to score every time I touch the ball. You have to have that mentality. Some guys are content to get a catch or a first down. I'm not satisfied. I want to score. That's the ultimate goal and I believe I can score on any play. I want to be the best receiver in the nation. I've heard talk about my being the best receiver coming back in the Big 12. That motivates me."