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Oklahoma Sooners Brand...

When an outsider looks at the University of Oklahoma and its mascot, confusion sets in. What exactly is a "Boomer" and a "Sooner?" These are not the most common of terms in today's society but each one holds a specific meaning that referred to a set group of people during the land runs in the late 1800's. Now, the point of this is not to give everyone out there a little history lesson (although some people could certainly use one) but rather to propose a little re-branding of sorts. With the conference realignments and shifts that are going to happen not only this coming season but also in future seasons, would it be appropriate to give an old branding that new shine and smell in an attempt to "redefine" or "rediscover"? Tim Kordik thinks so and has come up with a new logo for OU in an attempt to give outsiders a better glimpse through the use of a visual image and ruggedness for what a "Sooner" actually is. I pose this question to Sooner Nation: 1) What do you think of the logo and should it be considered a legitimate contender for the Sooner Branding?