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Oklahoma Baseball Overhaul

After a rising to the challenge and making it to the CWS in a season that no one expected them to, the Oklahoma Sooners quickly left fans in disappointment with the 2011 season. To add to the disappointment that was, 11 Sooners were taken off the board in the MLB draft, a number that no other school in the conference was capable of pulling. With the potentiality of losing players like Tyler Ogle, Garrett Buechele, and Cameron Seitzer, it would look like OU needs to start in with the overhaul but that is not the only shake up. Recently, the Florida State pitching coach, Jamey Shouppe, has been suspected as leaving thus creating an opening for someone like OU's pitching coach, Mike Bell. Bell is currently the leading candidate according to FSU media outlets. Shouppe has been with the Noles for 21-years and is expected to resign in the near future. Bell would step in and take over the pitching coach role assuming that all this happens. But what really appeals to Bell is that he is Florida native who graduated from FSU and eventually would start his coaching career in Florida at the high school level. While this is not a big move, it is one that is not very fortunate for OU. Bell has helped coach two teams into the CWS in Tennessee as well as OU and has been key in bringing in pitching talent over the years. However, Oklahoma has struggled with pitching and needs to improve drastically. Depending on who you ask, getting rid of Bell is a good or bad thing. I would hate to go through another coach search after seeing the Capel to Kruger change and how crazy that was (yes I know Baseball does not have the same circumstances as Basketball but, both will be looking to rebuild). My only question is, if Shouppe resigns and Bell takes over, who will Bell root for when Oklahoma travels to Tallahassee to take on the Noles on the gridiron?