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Roy Finch's Heisman chances greater than Brandon Weeden's?

Now I'd like to consider myself a pretty big OU fan and I'm not sure even the homer in me can get on board with that statement.  However, that is exactly what the popular online gambling site Bodog released today when they officially posted their odds for the 2011 Heisman.  You'll be absolutely shocked to learn that Stanford QB Andrew Luck is the odds on favorite at 9/2, but hot on his tail is our own Landry Jones as the number two preseason favorite at 13/2.

OU's Ryan Broyles and OSU's Justin Blackmon both check in at 15/1, grouped together with QB Kellen Moore (Boise St.) and RB Knile Davis (Arkansas). 

Then we get to the news maker, at least what qualifies for "news" this time of year, with RB Roy Finch on the board at 30/1 ahead of Brandon "Father Time" Weeden who checks in at 32/1.  Again I am, much like I assume most of you are as well, a huge fan of Finch and think he could be a very good to great player for OU but there is no way his odds of winning the Heisman should be higher than Weeden's.  Ignoring the obvious fact that teammates will almost always steal votes from each other and he has two others on this list while Weeden only has one, he would easily be #3 on the list of Sooners while you could easily argue putting Weeden even or ahead of Blackmon.

Check out the rest of the favorites after the jump.

Now obviously this means less than nothing in the grand scheme of things, but it was interesting to see this come out today and just how much respect Vegas apparently has for OU and Finch.  I think they're wrong, at least with respect to his odds on winning, but hopefully it will just be an indication of how great a year he's about to have!

Here is the full list of the favorites and their respective odds of winning.

Andrew Luck, Stanford quarterback: 9/2

Landry Jones, Oklahoma quarterback: 13/2

Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina running back: 7/1

Denard Robinson, Michigan quarterback: 15/2

LaMichael James, Oregon running back: 15/2

Trent Richardson, Alabama running back: 12/1

Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State receiver: 15/1

Kellen Moore, Boise State quarterback: 15/1

Knile Davis, Arkansas running back: 15/1

Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma receiver: 15/1

Robert Griffin III, Baylor quarterback: 20/1

Chris Polk, Washington running back: 25/1

Roy Finch, Oklahoma running back: 30/1

Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State quarterback: 32/1

Case Keenum, Houston quarterback: 35/1