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2011 OU football signee WR Trey Metoyer working to get academically qualified

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So you may or may not be aware of the rumors floating around the interwebs recently surrounding OU class of 2011 signee and five star WR Trey Metoyer.  It was fairly well known heading into signing day that Metoyer still had some work to do academically in order to get qualified to enroll at OU.  In fact, it was that very factor that UT fan claimed prevented the self righteous holyier than thou esteemed Mack Brown from offering the talented receiver.  So now, is it any real coincidence that said rumors of Metoyer having to go the JUCO route are being now started by those of the puke burnt orange variety?  Not really. 

So here is the gist of what's happening and what I feel necessitated this post to clear up the b.s. from the facts.  Metoyer is currently taking two classes at Tyler Junior College in order to help him get qualified to enroll at OU.  He has not signed with Tyler and is not on scholarship there.  Taking JUCO classes is not all that uncommon for kids that need to do some extra work to get qualified, but when have details and facts ever got in the way of UT fan?  Rarely?  Ever?

Clearly UT fans are hoping beyond hope that he doesn't qualify because they know how talented he is, are afraid of facing him for the next 3-4 years, and that their arrogance prevented them from even offering him.  Which is all fine and dandy with this OU fan.  In a recent radio interview, Coach Norvell gave no indication that any of this "news" was out of the ordinary and flat out said they fully expect Metoyer at OU in August.  So, clearly, he'd be arriving a couple months later than the rest of his classmates, uh big deal.  If he makes it, he makes it and that's all that will matter.  Now assuming he does get in, would not arriving in August increase his chances of redshirting in 2011? Absolutely.  But if it means OU still gets an incredibly talented young man and the highest rated WR they've ever signed, will anyone really care about all this manufactured drama?  Doubtful.

So to sum things up, much ado about nothing regarding Metoyer (for now) and this stupid JUCO rumor started by some bitter UT fan/s.  Obviously there still remains the chance that he won't qualify and then the idiots who started this rumor will come flooding out of the woodwork to reclaim their so called brilliance.  In my own humble opinion, I don't think they get the chance but I could just as easily be as wrong as they currently are.

So the moral to the story here CCM readers, as soon as we know something credible so will you.  Or for that matter, as we've always said the beauty of this and all SB Nation sites is your participation so if you come across something before we do and you think it's legit, feel free to post it here and we'll bump it to the front page ASAP.