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2011 Bedlam football > 2011 Red River Shootout?

Doesn't have anything to do with the story, but c'mon, it's just T.Boone
Doesn't have anything to do with the story, but c'mon, it's just T.Boone

So says Berry Tramel of the Daily Oklahoman.  I feel almost obligated to post this for some reason, even though it's been mentioned so many other places already.  I do so really more for the opinion of all our intelligent and loyal readers here at CCM just to get their thoughts on the topic.  Side note - I am one of those annoyingly stubborn people who refuses to call it the unnecessarily altered p.c. "Red River Rivalry" which is stupid I realize, but I don't really care.

So Mr. Tramel has declared that 2011 Bedlam, is for the first time (ever?) a more anticipated match-up than OU vs. texass.  So what say you OU fans, do you agree?  Personally, I'm not really sure I can say that I do.  Can you look forward more to a hopeful texass beat down or yet another win over little brother?  Now understand, I don't assume either to be an absolute given, in fact if I had to give more credence to one or the other I'd defer to Bedlam rather easily.  You might ask why, given all that can and has happened in Dallas during this all-time great series, and I would certainly understand.  I would really only point toward two factors, one of which is simply a product of my own paranoia, the first being Bedlam is a road game again this year (you should already know that though) and the second being that I kind of feel like that rare occurrence is approaching where the Cowboys claim their once a decade (if that) victory, I mean we have won the last eight in a row and Gundy has never beaten OU so again I fear they might be due for a fluky win.

As god awful as texass was last year and as much as I expect them to struggle again with the massive staff turnover and massively overrated, self inflated recruiting they've failed with in recent years, it is still Dallas.  I, like a lot of OU fans I'd imagine, know what can happen in that historic stadium and to never take the Horns for granted.  Am I hoping for another 63-14 esque a#$ kicking?  You freaking know it.  But is that what I'm expecting?  Probably not (sadly). 

Now as an OU fan, have I grown accustomed to the annual claims of "no really, this is our year!" emanating from Stoolwater and are nearly as annual demolishment of all their hopes and dreams?  Um, yeah.  An 81-17-7 all-time record can have that effect on you.  But as all those Stoolwatervillians (that's right) love to remind us of every year, that doesn't matter because this is a new year and of course "this is their year!"