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We're Not A Florida Gators Blog But Dang!

The Florida Gators won the SEC Baseball Tournament over the weekend but it didn't come without a tense moment of fear. In Saturday's first game, against the Georgia Bulldogs, Florida catcher Mike Zunino tagged starting pitcher Brian Johnson in the back of the head while trying to throw out a runner at second base. The play resulted in the Georgia player advancing to third, Johnson being laid out unconscious on the field and Zunino looking like he wanted to find a place to be all alone. 

At first glance it appears that the Georgia batter intentionally tripped Zunino as he was throwing. However, upon further review it seems as if he was just "digging in" in the batter's box as almost every batter in America does in between pitches.

Oh well, all's well that ends well, right? Despite losing this first game to the Bulldogs the Gators went on to win the SEC championship. Johnson was treated at a local hospital Saturday for a mild concussion, cleared of having any other injuries and then released that evening. Scary moment though.