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Jim Tressel Resignation Sees Oklahoma's Bob Stoops Name Thrown Into Mix For tOSU Opening

It seems that the cover up is what gets people in the most trouble. Why wouldn't people change their tactic and start playing the "I didn't know card" much like Cam Newton? Jim Tressel was caught in a cover up buried in lies to cover up lies resulting in his resignation. After Tressel running from the pending doom resigning at Ohio State University, names are bound to pop up in rumors surrounding who will replace him. While many at tOSU have mixed feelings about Tressel resigning, the fact remains that he is gone. In his absence a few names have begun to pop up. Among this small list of names, we find Bob Stoops. Every time a coach at a football powerhouse leaves, it seems the mention of Stoops is inevitable (remembering the Florida job). Stoops has been at Oklahoma for 12 seasons now and has possibly his best chance at another national championship run this year. But, we must remember that Stoops is from Youngstown, Ohio and is a graduate of Iowa. This would place Stoops back in the area of his old stomping grounds not only being in Ohio but also being in the Big 10. While I believe the chances of Stoops leaving for a school that is currently under suspension as well as a microscope from the NCAA is highly unlikely especially considering what he will be leaving, crazier things have happened before. To me this is more so a "wish list" kind of get for tOSU

Just giving a quick update here about what is going on after Tressel resigned Monday so feel free to voice your opinion and thoughts on the situation.