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Alex Ross v. Adrian Peterson: Junior Track Times

Because it's the offseason and we have nothing better to do, I decided to look up Alex Ross' track times after reading that he won state in the 200m and took 3rd in the 100m.  Later, I read a post on a message board comparing Ross to AD, and I thought "Why the heck not?"

Surprisingly, the comparison is not entirely off base.  Don't get me wrong,  I'm not saying Ross is the second coming of AD yet.  But don't be shocked if more people get on his bandwagon this year. 

100m Dash 200m Dash
Alex Ross 10.81 21.97
Adrian Peterson 10.66 21.29 (as a Sr.)


By comparison, UT RB star commit Johnathan Gray ran a 10.90.  It'll be interesting to see if Ross works on his speed to the exclusion of everything else like AD did, or if he works on putting on some extra muscle for more between the tackles running.