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Some More Reactions To Kruger

In case you're not sick of reading what relevant basketball people have to say about Kruger, I've got some stuff for you to read! From a Tulsa World article, here are a few esteemed coaches throwing in their two cents about Kruger after the hiring.

Tom Izzo, current coach of Michigan State:

"He’s a great recruiter, and very good defensively," Izzo said. "He’ll build that (program) real quick. So I think that was a very good hire for (the Sooners). I really do."

Tubby Smith, current coach of Minnesota:

"Lon’s an outstanding tactician, who knows the game inside and out," Smith said. "He’s won everywhere he’s been, he’s an excellent recruiter, a great coach and a great person. He’s a man of integrity and a man of principal. And he’s back in a conference that he’s familiar with as well."

Eddie Sutton, former coach of Oklahoma State:

"Lon’s moved around a lot and has always done very well," said former Oklahoma State coach and player Eddie Sutton. "He’s been in the Big Eight and Big 12 areas, so that helps. And I think his personality is such that he will fit in well with the University of Oklahoma people."

Like Sutton, Kruger is part of the coaching lineage of legendary former OSU coach Henry P. Iba. Kruger’s college coach at K-State was Jack Hartman, who played for Mr. Iba. "He’s from the Iba tree, so that means he believes in tough defense, taking care of the ball and playing hard," Sutton said.

Steven Pledger, OU guard, in an Oklahoman article:

"It was a little tedious [referring to the coaching search]," Pledger said. "I’m glad it’s over. And I think we got a great coach."

Carl Blair, OU guard, in the same Oklahoman article:

"It's going to be different for all of us," Blair said. "We've talked about it among each other. We've been sitting around waiting two or three weeks to get a new coach. Now we know who's in charge. We're excited to get started."

Andrew Fitzgerald, OU forward, in the same Oklahoman article:

"He's got a great resume," said forward Andrew Fitzgerald, who will be OU's leading returning scorer next season. "He knows what he's doing. He's won everywhere he's been."

Romero Osby, OU forward who transferred from Mississippi State, in the same Oklahoman article:

"That means a lot to me," Osby said. "For him to have a dab of (NBA) experience, I need to really listen to this man because he's been to the level I want to be at."

Finally, apparently Kruger is throwing out the first pitch tonight at the Sooner baseball game. You might not know that Kruger pitched in the St. Louis Cardinals minor league system in the mid-1970s out of college. He was also invited to the Dallas Cowboys rookie camp in 1974.

Whatever you say about the guy, you know this is true: the man has got to have some interesting stories!