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OU Spring Football - Scrimmage/general tidbits

So the Sooners held their first scrimmage of the spring today and I figured now was as good a time as any to give you all a kind if mini recap of the spring so far.  As usual, the scrimmage was closed to the public and media so all the stuff I'm about to give you from the scrimmage is second hand.  So just keep that in mind as you read through things as it's still very early and things, as usual this time of year, are still very fluid.

First we'll start with some general house cleaning items you may or may not already be aware of:

  • Lane Johnson, a guy who originally came to OU as a JUCO QB, then moved to TE, then moved to DE, has now been getting snaps at offensive line.  At 6'6" 270, he's right in line with our history of converting TEs to undersized offensive linemen.  Highly doubtful he ever sees the field at the position, but just the fact he's been moved around to all those positions shows you what kind of athlete the kid is.
  • Kenny Stills and Trey Franks have been somewhat limited in practices with some minor nagging injury issues.
  • Geneo Grissom has missed the last couple practices  after being placed in a walking boot for a sprained ankle.
  • DT Daniel Noble is back after showing no ill effects from his concussion last year.
  • Dejuan Miller is fully cleared and has been participating in all contact drills.  In fact, if you go here you can see all of 90 seconds from today's scrimmage (I know, ridiculous but we take what we can get) and a couple nice catches he hauled in.

Okay, so now on to some stuff from the scrimmage today:

  • As expected, Aladenoye took a majority of the first team snaps at right tackle.  Offensive line overall played very well vs. the first team D-line.
  • Freshman sensation Brandon Williams had some good, hard runs, but didn't really break any long gainers.
  • Jonathan Miller was considered to be the most impressive RB and reportedly had the most reps out of all the RBs.
  • Dejuan Miller and Joe Powell both had good days for the WRs
  • The Blake Bell fan club will be happy to hear that he supposedly played very well.  Looked like the coaches were making a concerted effort to get him in there as much as possible.  As most expected, sounds like it could be a very heated battle for the backup QB spot.
  • Not a great day for the secondary as they let guys get open for most of the scrimmage.  Like I said it's still early and I'm sure Martinez was working on some things, but a little worrisome to hear they struggled for most of the day.
  • Word is Jimmy Stevens did not look good, so this kicker deal may rear its ugly head yet again.