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Who Should Be On The Cover Of The 2011 Sooner Kickoff Magazine?

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Alright, we've learned over the last month that deciding who should be on the cover of a magazine isn't as easy as it looks. We're working with the fine folks at Maple Street Press in putting together what will be one of the best Oklahoma football preseason magazines around. The articles are coming together nicely and we've lined up some of the most respected writers on the subject of Oklahoma football to contribute to the magazine as well as some of the regulars here at Crimson And Cream Machine.


The problem is the cover. Who is the current face of Oklahoma football. Is it Landry Jones the Heisman candidate? How about Ryan Broyles the all-time leading receiver for the Sooners? Then there's Travis Lewis who is the mouthpiece for the Sooners and the unquestioned leader of the defense. The decision seems impossible for us so we're turning to you, our loyal readers. Cast your vote as to which player you believe deserves to grace the cover of our magazine. cannot write in Jimmy Stevens!


Cast your vote and we promise that we'll find the best photo possible to create an outstanding magazine cover.