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Breaking news: Baylor's Perry Jones III reportedly suspended for tonight's game against OU

According to a Dallas area television station, Baylor's Perry Jones III has been suspended for tonight's game against OU.  Speculation surrounding the suspension is that Jones accepted impermissible benefits and if true is likely done at Baylor altogether.  He was likely to enter the NBA draft regardless, but if this proves true it pretty much guarantees he will be one and done.

So the good news for OU fans, again assuming this is true, is that this suspension greatly helps the Sooners chances of winning this game.  Not only from an on the court perspective, but also from a mental perspective as you would think Baylor would be reeling from losing their most talented player.  This by no means guarantees a Sooner victory, but things just got a little better for us that's for sure.

Side note -  I know critics have just been waiting for this shoe to drop regarding Scott Drew and how he has run that program, so expect them all to come flooding out of the woodwork now.