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Big 12 Quoteboard - March Madness Edition

March is here and the Big 12 Tournament starts tomorrow. That means we're all pumped and excited for March Madness basketball posts on SBN's Big 12 sites, right? Not so much! Of course there are sites like Big XII Hoops that are enjoying their version of what's equivalent to blogger christmas so they're breaking down the Big 12's first round games against the point spreads. 

Oklahoma Sooners vs Baylor Bears - The Bears enter as an 8.5 point favorite.

MY PREDICTION: First off I want to say that Baylor is pretty much an unbettable team since you never have any clue which team will show up. That being said I do think that Baylor is going to win this game but I think it might be close as OU might show up and hit some shots. Going to pick Baylor to win the game but not cover this spread. - Big 12 Hoops

Then again there are some other sites out there that are relieved that their school's basketball season is about to be put out of its misery. Hmmmmmm...I wonder who that could be. 

Watched Gonzaga play St Mary's (CA) last night and realized that both of those teams would probably beat the Ags if we played them in the Dance. Latest braketology I saw has us playing Clemson in the first round as a 6 seed. I like that matchup and think we could win it. I still think it will be a tremendous accomplishment for this team to win a game in the Dance. I think we need to win our second round game in the conference tournament to ensure a 6 seed. - I Am The 12th Man

Colorado sophomore guard Alec Burks has been named a unanimous selection to the All-Big 12 team, the only unanimous selection outside of Kansas State guardJacob Pullen. Senior Buffalo guard Cory Higgins was named to the third team and senior Levi Knutson was co-sixth man of the year along with Baylor's Quincy Acy - The Ralphie Report

You know that one kid that tries too hard?  He's always got the newest video games so you'll come over to his house to play with him?  He's the one the invites you over to spend the night and the only reason that you do is because he has the latest Faces of Death VHS tape?  You let him hang around with you only because you either:  A) Genuinely feel sorry for him or B) Your parents are making you hang out with him and he doesn't really have any friends but your dad and his dad work together so just play with him because it will make your father happy, OK? 

Now this.  

Really, Missouri?  Honestly, if this makes you feel better about yourself, fine.  While you're at it, make sure your "Participant" ribbons are prominently displayed when you play the likes of Texas, Oklahoma, A&M, et al.  You're going to need a reminder when you were slightly more relevant than usual. - Corn Nation

Welcome to the quick recap of the toughest-to-watch game of a tough-to-watch Cowboy season.  After a couple of nicely played home wins had us fantasizing that this Cowboy team had figured themselves out and might contend for some NCAA Tourney play after all, a road game performance throws a bucket of vomit into our faces, waking us from our short lived dream.  The chances of an at-large bid now sit at 0%, and as a bonus we get to add another bedlam loss and widen the series deficit to 127-90.  (Was that the most depressing paragraph ever written at CRFF/WO?  I say yes.) - Cowboys Ride For Free

March 10th 2005 is the last time Iowa State has won a game at the Big 12 tournament. 6 freaking years! It feels longer than that. That was the same year Iowa State made the NCAA tournament as the #9 seed, and beat Minnesota in the first round. The entire time felt like a lifetime ago. I actually remember that NCAA game, remembering that I couldn't watch it but listened to it in the car as I drove where I had to go thinking "oh no big deal, I'm going to see ISU play in the NCAA tournament many times after this". Well, I guess the joke was on me, wasn't it? That was the last year Iowa State had postseason victories, and I missed out on them, just my luck. - Clone Chronicles

This year the Big 12 has presented an interesting dichotomy. The top two teams are among the best in the nation on either offense or defense, but they lag behind the national elite on the other side. My question going into this was if it is better to be good at offense and meh on defense, or vice versa? - Rock Chalk Talk

The 2011 Big 12 basketball tournament tips off tomorrow, although for the 12th time in 13 years, Texas will not be playing on the first day. As the No. 2 seed, the Longhorns' Big 12 basketball tournament begins on Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m. CT, when they will square off with the winner of Wednesday's tilt between Baylor and Oklahoma.

Today's question is twofold: Do you care about the Big 12 tournament? And should Texas care? - Burnt Orange Nation

There are a lot of things that you can say about Pat Knight.  It has become abundantly clear that just about everyone says that PK was a terrific guy and he's one of the good guys in college basketball.  I've said it again and again.  Pat Knight has never cheated.  He did not succumb to the AAU game and hire AAU coaches in order to sign players.  Pat Knight, as far as I know, graduated players and he also kept his word in regards to keeping a player's scholarship until the player graduates.  He is a good guy.  - Double T Nation

Walking past a few reporters following OU's pro day, Stoops said "You see we got another championship banner up? It's not a South Division one, either." The comment was an obvious jab at Oklahoma State, which ordered Big 12 South champion rings for its players. - Crimson And Cream Machine

Some thoughts: 

- With Fisher out, lots of good reps to be had for Jack Meiners and Anthony Gatti to become valuable backups this year. 
- Excited to see if Demien can break the rotation as well. 
- Can Chris Freeman join that group of 8-10 OL who will be used, or is he still another year away? 
- Will Sasser AND Hunt pass McGaffie at the H-WR spot? 
- Will Lucas do the same to Gerau at the Z-WR spot?

- Lots of people on D out for the spring 
- Will Vincent pass Foster at the DT spot? 
- Great chances for Ruise and Parham to join the LB rotation 
- Bolden/White/Webb and Gaines/Hobson/Holt should be interesting battles 
- Will X. Smith pass Steeples? - Rock M Nation

K-State merely continued to prove its tournament worthiness that was established for good last week and avoided hurting its chances for a low seed with a nice win against Iowa St. Unfortunately for the Big 12, all three of its bubble teams suffered some costly losses that are making this look more and more like a 5-bid league. - Bring On The Cats