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Bedlam Basketball 2.0 - A Game About Nothing

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If Oklahoma's 2010-11 basketball season were a television sitcom then the only logical choice would be Seinfeld. The self-proclaimed "show about nothing" pretty much sums up my feelings going into today's Bedlam match-up. It just doesn't matter! If they win its their 13th win of the season and puts them on par with Texas Tech (a team that just beat the Sooners by 30) and if they lose...well...its just another loss to a mediocre program.

Bedlam Stastical Matchup
 Oklahoma St. Off vs   Oklahoma Def
 69.2 Points For
 68.9 Points Against
 43.7 FG%
 45.2 FG%
 30.7 Reb
 30.3 Reb
 Oklahoma Off vs   Oklahoma St. Def
 65.9 Points For
 67.5 Points Against
 44.6 FG%
 41.6 FG%
 30.3 Reb
 29.6 Reb







The point is, I just don't care anymore. Oklahoma's baseball team plays at exactly the same time against #14 California. I'm pretty sure I'll be paying more attention to that game. Don't get me wrong! I'm not anti OU basketball in any sense of the way but much like the storied Seinfeld sitcom ended in disappointment so will Oklahoma's basketball season regardless of what happens in today's game because barring a miraculous run to the Big 12 Tournament championship there's no post season basketball in this team's future. 

Sooner fans will be saying good bye to Cade Davis who is the lone senior on this year's squad. Davis has led the team in scoring through the last four games. He's the perfect example of a kid who has given everything to the program. It isn't us fans who deserve better its Davis. He was the perfect compliment to Blake Griffin and Willie Warren two seasons ago. He was the buffer for Tiny Gallon and Tommy Mason-Griffin last season and he was the only senior leadership for the team this year.

Then there's the game itself. The 11th place team in the Big 12 is hosting the 9th place team and both are already guaranteed to finish below .500 in conference play. It just doesn't get any more exciting than that folks! The Cowboys are 0-7 on the road in conference play which gives just enough hope to think OU has a chance to send Davis off with a Senior Day victory. Just too bad they can't be sending him off to the NCAA tournament...or the NIT...or the CBI. Instead they'd just be sending him of into well...nothing.