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Breaking: All Signs Point To Bruce Weber

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Update (130 AM): It looks like most of the traditional media outlets are reporting this as being in the mutual interest stage. A couple of commenters on some Sooner sites who know an insider have indicated that Weber looks to be the guy and that Birchell's tweet below is legit. However, it also bears mentioning that Weber himself texted that there was "no real story". Of course, if I read what Weber texted, it sounds an awful lot like he's just playing coy until all the ducks are in a row. Unlike the Kruger story earlier today, when Lon was asked, he point-blank said that he refused the job, which immediately indicates there's more to this story.

Once again, nothing official, but more than we've seen since Capel was fired.

This was a tweet from KSBI sportscaster Brian Birchell about 20 minutes ago (edit, this tweet was deleted):

Source close to the OU program tells me tonight Bruce Weber will be named the next OU head coach as early as Friday...

Originally, I was a bit skeptical. There was no information for days and days, and all of a sudden we have a for-sure hire? However, it looks like Dean Blevins is saying the same thing:

I was told ystrdy morn OU was hoping/planning 4 Fri press conf 2 name new coach. After striking out w/Buzz, appears 2 b BruceWeber, Illinois

Now, this obviously isn't official. However, this seems to be a bit more than the Painter to Mizzou rumors, where he was "considering" things for a bit. The information wasn't about Weber and OU having interest, it was about an official announcement on Friday.

We shall see how things pan out over the next 24 hours. For all we know this could be another dead end rumor, but this is the most solid rumor I've seen yet. If things get closer to confirmation, we'll give you the rundown on Weber.

For Illinois coverage, here's the SBN blog Hail To The Orange.