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Someone Being Interviewed Today for Coaching Position

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But it's NOT that guy. Sorry for the tease! According to Gary Parrish, Pastner has agreed to an extension with Memphis:

Memphis will announce later today that it has reached a new contract extension with Josh Pastner, a source told

It's also apparently not Dave Rose from BYU, who shot us down. However, there was also an interesting nugget in this tweet  from Jay Drew:

Tipster in Oklahoma: BYU basketball coach Dave Rose has told Oklahoma he isn't interested; Sooners are interviewing someone else today.

Who exactly we are interviewing is uncertain at this point. However, it seems if we have a target we can cross off anyone still in the tournament, Buzz Williams, Josh Pastner, and Dave Rose. I have yet to hear any definitive no's about Lon Kruger though, and as I posted last night, there's at least one OU administrator pushing for him.

The math in my head says one thing, but Joe Castiglione is doing a good job keeping this under wraps.