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A Couple Of Names Being Bantered About

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As the search for the new OU men's basketball coach carries on (some may say "drags on"), there are a couple of names that have been making the rounds on the internet and in the papers.

Lon Kruger was mentioned in the Oklahoman:

But don't rule it out. At least one prominent OU administrator is pushing for Kruger, the Nevada-Las Vegas coach who has a long and fairly distinguished record.

I had previously mentioned Lon Kruger as an under-the-radar type candidate and I think that he would be a fairly safe, but solid selection. As I said, he's been to a Final Four, he has quite a bit of coaching experience, and has ties to the middle of the country (he's a Kansas native).

Then there's Memphis coach Josh Pastner. He was always being mentioned, but according to this Bleacher Report article, he might have been next on the list when Buzz got crossed off:

According to, Pastner has become the leading candidate for the Oklahoma job.

That claim was similarly quoted on the ESPN website, although coachingnewsonline is a subscriber website, so I really have no way of confirming that.

Thoughts on Pastner or Kruger?