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OU Football - First major injury of the spring

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UPDATE: Now according to a release from OU, the time frame as been significantly altered to as long as six months.  That would put him back in late September or early October, so that changes things drastically.

Reports out of spring practice in Norman today have revealed that starting right tackle Jarvis Jones has suffered a ruptured patella tendon.  He has reportedly already had surgery and the initial diagnosis is he'll be out 8-10 weeks.  Not the kind of news for an offensive line looking for continuity heading into a possible national championship season.

Jones was backed up by Josh Aladenoye on the most recent depth chart, so look for him or some of the young freshman to step up.  Guys like Daryl Williams or Tyrus Thompson are a couple names that could step up in Jarvis' absence. At this point, there is no reason to believe Jones won't be able to rehab and be ready to start the season.  So hopefully it will just be a temporary set back.