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Brad Stevens Is Going To Get A Ton Of Money From Someone

No. 8 seed Butler just knocked off No. 4 seed Wisconsin in their second straight tournament upset, and third straight tournament win. And piloting the Bulldogs is the always unflappable and well-prepared Brad Stevens. He never seems to be panicked and his teams mimic his quiet cool confidence. Butler has been quite the scrappy Cinderella since he's taken the helm, and he is one win away from coaching in two Final Fours at the age of 34. His career record is already 115-24.

Brad Stevens can straight-up coach. He is going to get paid a ton of money to go coach at a team from a bigger conference, and probably at one of the basketball powerhouses like Duke or North Carolina. I don't see this talented guy spending his coaching career in the Horizon League.

The question is, would OU ante up a ton of money now to bring him into Norman? It's a very risky move as you would be sinking a ton of money into one guy. OU would basically be pushing all in. Thoughts?