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More Smoke From the Buzz Williams Angle

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A couple of stories today are starting to make me put a little more credence into the Buzz Williams rumors. First, a story in the Dallas Morning News:

Sources on both sides have indicated strong mutual interest, though no official contact has been, nor will be, made until after the Golden Eagles are through playing in the NCAA Tournament. [...] Reports of Williams’ buyout at Marquette, placed at more than $3 million, are way over the top according to a source with knowledge of that situation. A standard buyout clause is usually a year’s salary, which in Williams’ case is likely around $1.5 million, give or take. [...] As the OU job would, coaching at Arkansas would have enabled him to better tap his recruiting ability in Texas. Four Texans are on his roster at Marquette.

And second, a chat from Barry Tramel, posted at OUHoops:

Yes. I think Buzz Williams is interested in OU. We've been told that he's told coaches that. Other than him, I can't confirm interest in anyone else.

I'm still a little skeptical that Buzz would want to leave Marquette, but it's kind of hard to ignore all of these comments. I've been wrong before, as evidenced by the fact that I thought OU would surely leave for a new "Pac-16 Conference" instead of bending to Texas' will.

As they say, where there's smoke, there's fire. What do you think?