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Big 12 Quoteboard

KU is one of two Big 12 teams still dancing.  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
KU is one of two Big 12 teams still dancing. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Basketball season is over for all but two of the Big 12 schools but that doesn't keep the blogs from buzzing about the hard court. Sweet 16 action and coaching searches are among the fodder around SBN's Big 12 blogs this week along with some baseball and spring football.

Here's the thing, as much as Mike Anderson says he is a Missouri Tiger, he isn't.

Black and gold might flow through his veins today, but after the third off-season in a row where Anderson is contemplating/leveraging offers from other schools, you have to understand that this situation is not permanent.

What the Missouri Tigersneed, what every college needs, is a homegrown hero to lead their schools. Someone who wouldn't dare entertain the thought of leaving, even for all the riches in the world. - Big 12 Hoops

The Texas A&M Football Team started spring practice at 6:05 AM this morning at the McFerrin Athletic Center. We return 18 starters from last year 9-4 team and should have more quality depth on our roster than at any time in recent memory. There are a few questions that need to be answered this spring. Who is going to replaceMichael Hodges? Who is going to start at center? Who is going to step up and be a leader? I perused the web and was able to watch some video provided by Billy Liucci and his crew over on TexAgs. I had a few thoughts and observations. - I Am The 12th Man

The Colorado Buffaloes overcame a horrible shooting game from everyone butAlec Burks to take down the Kent State Golden Flashes, 81-74 in the NIT quarterfinals. Burks was 6-8 for 15 in the first to carry the team to a 36-31 halftime lead while the rest of the Buffs shot just 10-23 for 21 points. At halftime, the Buffaloes superstar, who is battling the flu, had to receive IV fluids before returning to the court. - The Ralphie Report

In the 2011 defensive backs preview I put together some numbers about Big Ten teams and their 2010 national rankings in the passing game, or, really more like their lack of national rankings relative to Big 12 teams. 

It stands to reason that if Big Ten teams are not generating their offensive production through the air, then they're getting it on the ground. A quick look at last year's stats shows a number of Big Ten teams with successful ground attacks, as Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio State, were ranked 11th through 14th nationally on the ground. Purdue was next, ranked 49th. - Corn Nation

A few thoughts and observations from the NCAA regional held at the BOK Center in Tulsa.

It was a little bittersweet with the Cowboys not being in it and all. It's just not the same when you can't wear an OSU shirt without feeling like the loser that didn't make the tourney. That being said, it really reminded me how special the NCAA tourney is. There's something to be said about teams coming from different parts of the country to meet and play a game of basketball for a chance at winning it all. - Cowboys Ride For Free

I also caught a blurb that former Cyclone Kurtis Taylor is going to be the face of anew Ken doll. I guess I will say good for him? This isn't the kind of thing I'd aspire to do, but at the same time, I'm not exactly modeling material either. - Clone Chronicles

Before I get started I'll just give fair warning that this isn't a post with any sort of meaningful analysis about an upcoming game or any sort of journalistic attempt at a portrait.  This is quite simply a "blog" post in the truest sense.  It's just one Kansas fans thoughts on a couple of players that I'm surprised to say have worked themselves into the Kansas Jayhawk basketball story despite some long odds. - Rock Chalk Talk

Texas sophomore linebacker Jordan HIcks, expected to compete for a starting position this fall, will miss the rest of spring practice with a fractured right foot, according to a release from the university.

Hicks didn't receive much playing time as a freshman, but did fill in ably in the Nebraska game when called upon for lengthy duty. He was also consistently tabbed as one of the top performers in the first half of spring practice and is expected to make major strides this fall. - Burnt Orange Nation

"We had a very good meeting in the locker room," Gillispie said. "It was the first time I've had a chance to meet with them face-to-face, and they seem ready to move in the right direction."

Gillispie has also made contact with the five recruits who signed last spring under Pat Knight's staff. He said he's seen most of them play, and is positive about the prospects for next year's team.

One of the goals set during that locker room meeting was to reach the NCAA tournament in 2012. He said once he has fully assessed the roster and recruits he will move quickly to fill any gaps.

"You want to give yourself the best roster to work with starting in October next year," Gillispie said. "I really do think it's all about the players, developing relationships with returnees and recruiting a great class." - Double T Nation

This is probably the most maligned Sooner unit over the last three years and a collection of kids who return almost intact looking to build on an improved 2010 season.  There is reason to believe returning four of five starters will help this unit gel into the powerful force Sooner fans are hoping for in 2011.  The struggles at times last year in the run game were painfully obvious, i.e. the A&M game, but over the course of the season they did appear to improve in getting that push off the snap to allow the RBs to get those tough yards. - Crimson And Cream Machine

For the first time in all of this, all signs in the Mike Anderson deal are pointing one direction. And that direction is south.

Gabe Dearmond on Twitter. As you've probably read, Arkansas regents apparently approved a 7-year, $2.2 million/year contract offer today. It is the second official, "we're making it because we think he'll accept it" offer Anderson has received this week, and while it's not official that he's accepting it, it's certainly not looking tremendously likely that he won't. One way or another, we might get closure on this today after all... - Rock M Nation

As Monday night was to Oklahoma State, so Tuesday night was to Colorado, albeit with slightly different results.

Alec Burks fought through illness to score 25 points and grab 10 rebounds in a 81-74 home victory over seventh-seeded Kent State in the NIT quarterfinals - and the Buffs needed every bit of it.

This particular KSU gave Colorado more trouble than our more familiar variety. Justin Greene led the Golden Flashes with 20 points and CU didn't put them away for good until there were less than two minutes remaining in the game. - Bring On The Cats