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OU Football - Stoops announces first transfer of the spring

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Well, we all knew it was coming eventually.  It was just a simple number of making the numbers work, eventually OU would have to have a couple kids transfer from the program.  So with the start of spring practices today, Coach Stoops announced the first player who has chosen to leave.

That player is reserve safety and former four star recruit Kevin Brent.  Brent is a kid who came in with a ton of hype and had yet to see the field during his first two years on campus.  In fact he saw so little time, I couldn't even find a picture of him to attach with this story.  His lack of playing time was primarily due to never being able to stay healthy, he had multiple issues with his shoulder and just couldn't ever make his way up the depth chart.  It's a little disappointing that he would choose to leave now considering OU is heading into the spring looking to replace both safeties, but he may know something the rest of us don't with respect to his chances for playing time.  

Either way, best of luck to him and his future.  No word on where he's looking to go at the moment, but if word comes out we'll be sure to pass it along.  Even with Brent's now transfer, OU still needs to lose at least two (maybe three) more scholarship players before the start of next semester.  So unfortunately, this won't be the last of these stories we bring you.