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OU men's basketball gets obliterated by Texas Tech 84-58

I'll warn you up front, this is not going to be positive.  Honestly, unless you're just lying to yourself how could it be?  This OU team just lost by 26 points to a bad Tech team and if you didn't watch believe me when I tell you it was abundantly clear the Sooners were out of it just three minutes in.  Tech jumped out to a 14-3 lead and it only got worse from there for our Sooners.  I will say it was very nice of OU to lay down and allow the Red Raiders to run all over them so they could enjoy their senior night.

Cade Davis was the lone bright spot, if you can call any part of this game a bright spot, finishing with 21 points and the only Sooner in double figures.  In fact, the OU starting lineup put up these impressive stats:


  • Davis - 21 points on 9-17 shooting
  • Cam Clark - 0 points on 0-7 shooting
  • Tyler Neal - 4 points on 1-5 shooting
  • Carl Blair - 5 points on 1-9 shooting
  • Andrew Fitzgerald 7 points on 3-11 shooting

Not very impressive my friends.  I hate to jump to such an assumption, but as I watched OU get embarrassed Wednesday night it was hard not to think the OU players know something we don't.  Like this is possibly one of the last games they're playing under their current head coach?  I hesitate to put that out there, but this team very much had the look of a team that has clearly quit on their coach.  This is the kind of loss that Joe C. simply can't ignore and I have to think it's come to Jesus talk time for he and Capel assuming they haven't already done it. 

In my honest opinion, Capel is coaching for his job this Saturday in Bedlam.  Considering how badly they were outplayed Wednesday, if he were to lose that game and have consecutive season ending nine game losing streaks I just don't see any conceivable way he can justify to anyone, including himself, bringing Capel back.  I could be wrong, clearly Joe C. has more than earned the benefit of the doubt given his track record, but I think this teams performance under Capel is forcing his hand to make a decision sooner than he'd like.