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OU Women's Basketball - Three seniors celebrate senior night with 2011 Bedlam 2.0

 I know we're all mired in the current seven game losing streak the men are suffering through, but I thought it was important to remind everyone that the women will be celebrating senior night tonight before (and presumably after) their game with Oklahoma State.  The three seniors below; Lauren Willis, Carlee Roethlisberger, and Danielle Robinson will close out their careers in the LNC and look to do so with yet another win over the Cowgirls.


All three have been outstanding representative of OU, the women's team, and the student body so it's important, at least in my opinion, that we acknowledge that here on CCM.  It's unfortunate that D-Rob couldn't stick around for one more year because I think this team next year with her could be special, but her four years in Norman have been pretty damn special in their own right so now point think about the "what if."

A big time congrats to all three ladies for their outstanding OU careers both on and off the court and you will always be proud members of Sooner Nation!!!  BOOMER SOONER!!!