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Blake Griffin is not happy with Jeff Capel's firing

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The former Sooner was so unhappy, he felt compelled to discuss his feelings on the subject in a Tuesday interview after previously releasing a statement through the Clippers.  During this interview, Blake addressed his feelings on how he felt Capel was treated unfairly and how he did not believe Capel was given a fair shake.

"What bothers me the most is that everyone is saying he did all of this when Blake Griffin was there," Griffin said. "Well to me, you say he deserves no credit when a certain player is there and then, when things go bad, throw all the blame on him. To me, they're piling it on. He took over the program after Kelvin Sampson and all of those sanctions and he put his faith in everyone. This is what he gets? Within two years we're in the tournament and now two years later he's fired? It's completely unfair."

He also discussed his decision to come to OU and how large a part Capel played in that decision.

"As soon as he got the job he started recruiting me and we were in it together," Griffin said. "When I committed to Oklahoma, it wasn't a popular thing to do at the time but I went because of Coach Capel. We all take pride in what we did there and what we built and for them to turn their backs on him so quickly, it really disappoints me."

Blake went on to discuss that he understood winning is the ultimate deciding factor in a coach's career, but he didn't feel Capel got enough credit for the success he had during his five years in Norman.

"I understand you have to win and I understand the coaching carousel," Griffin said. "And I know about the NCAA but he has said he knew nothing about it and I believe him. Besides, look around at some other coaches and what has happened. They're still coaching. In comparison to Oklahoma, you can't even compare it."

Finally, Griffin talked about how much he respects Capel.

"I just want people to know the respect I have for Coach Capel and to let people know that I feel like they're giving him a really unfair boot," Griffin said. "I don't claim to know everything when it comes to basketball, but I do know a great coach. He's a great coach and I think Oklahoma has made a mistake."