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OU 54 - TX 74, well that was unpleasant

No point in delaying this recap, it's pretty straight forward.  As an OU fan it makes me sick to say this, but the Sooners were simply outclassed in K.C. Thursday night.  I don't think OU fans went into this game with any misconceptions about our chances, but to play that poorly after doing the exact opposite just the night before well it's more than a little disappointing.  

It was pretty obvious from the get-go that OU was going to struggle on the offensive end.  No one outside of Cade Davis, who played another great game by the way, could get the ball remotely close to the rim and constantly settled for jump shots.  And they weren't just normal jump shots, but fall away, off balance, no chance in hell jump shots.  Whereas the night before OU got contributions from nearly everyone, Thursday night they got almost nothing outside of Davis.  Andrew Fitzgerald finished with 10 points, but was never really a factor in the game.  No other Sooner had more than eight points and that was Pledger who made one three and got the other five from the charity stripe.  

It was an under-whelming performance to say the least and sadly a fitting way for this season to come to a close. Unfortunately, we couldn't do any better for Cade but it sure wasn't any fault of his.  Davis had an excellent tournament and a great close to his career.  Now we start the long and bitter wait to next season and the possible uncertainty of Capel's return.  Hopefully the women can give us something to cheer about tomorrow afternoon, so be sure to check back in on CCM for your business man's special game thread.