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Bob Stoops Gets A Nice Raise

Tulsa World:

The combined salary of Oklahoma's 10 coaches for the 2011 football season will be nearly $7 million. The salaries, tabulated outside of any incentive bonuses, range from head coach Bob Stoops' $4.875 million to the $240,000 earned by new tight ends/tackles coach Bruce Kittle.

First of all, wow - I had no idea that position coaches earned that much money! Second, Bob Stoops gets about $1 MIL more added to his contract from his 2010 base pay (up to $4.875 MIL from $3.875 MIL). 

Nick Saban ($5.16 MIL) and Mack Brown ($5.1 MIL) still make slightly more, but I think Bob will be satisfied being the 3rd highest paid coach in college football. Congrats to Bob and the coaching staff!