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OU Racking Up Secondary Violations

For anyone who is not in the know, secondary violations

are minor in nature and don’t produce substantial penalties

however, schools are still required to report them, due to NCAA rules, to the compliance staff of each school. OU has a compliance staff that is three times the national average and subsequently is therefore able to deal with and report three to four times the amount of violations of other major programs. We all know about the on-going Tiny Gallon incident (which currently stands as a secondary violation) but news broke Tuesday of other violations.

The Basketball program, which is currently on probation until May is now having to report recruiting violations. Apparently there were a couple of impermissible calls made to prospects as well as three other violations pertaining to official visits by prospects.

The football program is also committing a few violations itself.

The University started their investigations after a football player (who is un-named) refused to sign a weekly practice log and later provided the compliance office with a recording of Willie Martinez asking him why he had not shown up to a voluntary off-season workout. Jay Norvell as well as James Patton also had discussions with players about missing voluntary off-season workouts. Jackie Shipp would request to receive reports on who was and who wasn't participating in strengthening/conditioning workouts as well. Now normally this wouldn't be a problem, but seeing as how the NCAA has ruled to enforce an 8-hour weekly limit on "guided" off-season workouts and OU's Football program decided to add a pilates class to the schedule, a few players were pushed over this 8-hour limit. This caused a red flag to go up for the compliance office who then reported it to the NCAA.

The Football program also racked up a few more when it was discovered that text messages and phone calls had been made to recruits and their fathers as well as finding links to recruiting websites from the team's website just before last year's national signing day.

As for right now, the football program is getting a slap on the wrist with the punishment being that

OU is required to give players a week off from athletic training.

Not sure that there will be any new news on the basketball team until the Gallon situation has been figured out.