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2011 OU Football signing day live thread

Will the 2011 OU class have a trio as good as the Cali-connection from 2010? Only time will tell, but Wednesday we officially find out who will be joining Sooner Nation!

Alright recruiting junkies, the day is finally here!  2011 signing day is upon us and the faxes will be coming in all afternoon.  I thought it made sense to put this up and myself, CC, dimes, OnlyOne, and others will be all over the CCM fax machine since we have a dual line with OU (What, you didn't know we had that kind of pull?  Shame on you!) to update you as the LOIs come in.  Remember, while OU has had a majority of their class wrapped up for months there is some possible drama as the Sooners are waiting on two possible late additions.  So stay tuned to CCM all afternoon for all your recruiting news!

As always, if you come across any info or just want to voice your opinion on the new 2011 members of Sooner Nation just jump in on the comments and be heard.

5th UPDATE:  Looks like OU pulled off their 2nd steal of the day!  Despite earlier reports that Nila Kasitati did not appear ready to make a decision today, we can now confirm that he has officially signed with OU!  Nila makes the 2nd very nice late addition and a great capper for the 2011 OU recruiting class.

4th UPDATE: Well, it is 2011 signing day but apparently that doesn't mean OU can't start to secure up the 2012 class.  Again per our friend Josh at SoonerScoop, OU has picked up their first verbal commitment for 2012 in offensive lineman Kyle Marrs.  It's obviously very early in the 2012 recruiting process, so we'll have to wait and see if the commitment holds.  However, he is reported to be VERY high on OU (hence the verbal) and Sooner Nation is happy to have him (for now)!

3rd UPDATE: Nila Kasitati may not be making a decision today.  According to guest of Sooner Nation (sorry but that never gets old) Josh McCuistion of SoonerScoop, Nila has left Euless' signing ceremony and remains undecided.  This not typical for a three star recruit (no offense intended), but clearly the kid is torn as to what might be the best decision for his future.  Obviously we'll bring you anything as soon as we hear it.

2nd UPDATE:Props to omsooner for breaking the news that OU has lost an expected commit this morning.  Apparently DE Cooper Washington signed with Texas Tech.  There is a very good chance the OU coaches were aware of this possibility which lead to them going after the possible two late additions we were hearing about.

1st UPDATE:  Well the first three are the obvious ones, Brandon Williams, Marquis Anderson, and Kendal Thompson were already official due to their early enrollment, but they still count for today

7:01 am - 5-star WR Trey Metoyer is in

7:05 am- DE Nathan Hughes is in

7:28 am- WR Kameel Jackson is in

7:30 am- LB/S P.L. Lindley is in

7:30 am- big DT Jordan Wade is in

7:36 am- Rockhurst TE Dan Tapko is in

8:19 am - freak athlete DT Jordan Phillips is in

8:51 am- TE Max Stevenson is in

9:14 am- RB/WR/DB Danzel Williams is in

9:21 am- Huge OL Derek Farniok is in

9:37 am- Local Duncan product OL Dylan Dismuke is in

9:42 am- and the first big, good news is in!  CB Bennett Okotchahas made it official as of 9:42 am!  Welcome to Sooner Nation Bennett!

11:09 am- LB/S Frank Shannon is in

So that should be it for today Sooner fans.  As I said in the update above, Nila Kasitati is apparently not going to make his decision today.  As with most unresolved situations on signing day, there are a lot of rumors out there and I'm not going to post anything like that.  Once we get something from a reliable source, we'll be sure it get it up ASAP.  I know Coach Stoops is scheduled to have a presser around 2:45 pm to talk about the class they brought in today, plus we have bonus Sooner basketball this afternoon at 2 pm.  Thanks for spending signing day with us here at CCM as we welcome 16 new members into Sooner Nation!