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Previewing Nebraska Basketball

With a 12-12 record and being involved in a three-way tie for eighth place in the Big 12 every game from here on out is a must win if Oklahoma wants to have any chance at playing in some sort of post season tournament. Realistically finishing 3-3 is more of a possibility and that would put the Sooners at .500 going into the conference tournament and leave a window open for an invitation to either the NIT or CBI. Where do the three wins come from? One of them has to be Nebraska at home tonight! 

Oklahoma/Nebraska Matchup
 Nebraska Off vs   Oklahoma Def
 67.9 Points For
 68.1 Points Against
 47.0 FG%
 44.4 FG%
 33.1 Reb
 29.8 Reb
 Oklahoma Off vs   Nebraska Def
 67.4 Points For
 58.9 Points Against
 45.6 FG%
 37.8 FG%
 29.8 Reb
 28.7 Reb







Nebraska has a 16-8 record on the season but the Huskers are 0-5 on the road in the Big 12. Their road losses have been at Missouri, Kansas, Texas Tech, Kansas State and Baylor. They'll come into Norman looking for their first road win but home is where the Sooners have been at their best this season, posting an 11-2 record. It should also be mentioned that three of Nebraska's road losses have been by a very narrow margin, including a three point loss at Kansas. 

Understanding that, Oklahoma isn't going to win this game just by coming out onto the court but it certainly is a winnable game. Nebraska is eighth in the Big 12 in shooting percentage (43%) and tenth in three-point shooting. This means defending the perimeter isn't as big of a deal as in previous games against OSU, Texas and Missouri but the Sooners had better be willing to battle inside the lane and under the rim. Once again rebounding is going to be a game changer and if Nebraska can get second chance points while limiting Oklahoma's then the Sooners are in trouble. 

What they lack on the offensive side of the floor they make up on the defensive end. Nebraska is third in the conference in points allowed (67.2) and fifth in opponent field goal percentage (44%). The key players for Nebraska are guards Lance Jeter and Toney McCray along with center Jorge Brian Diaz. 

Jeter leads the team in scoring with 11.1 points per game and is also 4th in the conference in assists per game with an average of 4.5. Diaz is just behind Jeter in points per game with 10.1. He's also averaging 1 shot block per game and grabbing 4.4 rebounds. McCray gives Nebraska 7.8 points per game along with 4.3 rebounds. He's also the best three-point Nebraska has. He's shooting 42% from long distance.