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KU fires one fat prick, hires/then fires Mr. Nice guy, hires another fat prick

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News reports out of Kansas City are that Kansas football will name Charlie Weis their new head coach. It's a rather interesting turn of events for a guy who was universally considered to be a substantial failure in his only other CFB head coaching job. He is also considered to be a world class prick.

So KU had the greatest success in their program's history under a known prick, fires the guy because he's a prick (among other reasons of course), replaces said prick with one of the nicest guys in the world, who is then given all of two years to succeed, fires Mr. Nice Guy and hires another prick.

That about sum things up?

You can get away with being a prick if you're winning (see Mangino's Orange Bowl year). When you're losing, which Weis can expect plenty of at KU, then you're just a prick. Good luck Jayhawk fans, cuz I think you're gonna need it.