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Big 12 Quoteboard: Big 12 Power Rankings & Bob Stoops Put On Notice

As we've been in the habit of doing the last several weeks we'll start out our Big 12 Quoteboard post by looking at the basketball power rankings from Big 12 Hoops.

Other than Iowa State's 0-2 showing, it was a pretty quiet week in the Big 12. But we get louder this week as Mizzou, Ok State, K-State, ISU, OU and KU all have big games on the slate. - Big 12 Hoops

T1. Baylor Bears

Overall Record: 7-0
Last Week's Record: 2-0
Last Week's Ranking/Movement: T1, same
What Nathan Says: They haven't missed a beat since Perry Jones III came back from his NCAA suspension. Thoroughly beat a possible tournament team in Northwestern in Evanston.

T1. Missouri Tigers

Overall Record: 7-0
Last Week's Record: 1-0
Last Week's Ranking/Movement: T1, same
What Evan Says: Another blowout win. Another high scoring senior goes 7-10 from three. Tonight they play a down Nova squad at MSG in their first game outside of the state of Missouri, so we'll see.

3. Kansas Jayhawks

Overall Record: 5-2
Last Week's Record: 2-0
Last Week's Ranking/Movement: 3, same
What Nathan Says: Saturday's win over South Florida was the most complete game I've seen fromTyshawn Taylor so far. Can't wait to see the heavyweight bout between Sully and T-Rob Saturday in the Phog.

Baylor's Robert Griffin III is among the finalists to win the Heisman Trophy this Saturday night and could legitimately be the best college football player in America. There's no doubt he's one of the best players not named Mike Singletary to ever wear a Baylor uniform.

No matter what happens Saturday night, when Robert Griffin III leaves Baylor University for the NFL he will do it as the greatest football player our school has ever seen. When he came here before Briles' first year, expectations for him were high. People saw his athletic ability and knew that he could be a special player. "Special," however, hardly comes close to describing RGIII as a player, a person, or a representative of our university. He and Coach Briles have taken a school that went nearly 20 years without a bowl berth and gotten two in a row; a school that hadn't won 9 games since before his entire team was born (last happened in 1986) and did it in a year where they beat OU for the first time ever, UT for the second year in a row, and Tech for the first time since the Big XII began. - Our Daily Bears

Did the Cowboys get hosed in the final BCS rankings? Perhaps, but beat Iowa State and its not left up to bias. Here's a good rundown of some of the "shady" votes. Playoff anyone?

Before we go into the outliers, I think we can first establish that there's no valid argument into ranking OSU behind Stanford, Oregon, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Boise St., and Houston when you look at overall resume and number of quality wins... yet it happened. Specific eye-opening votes in the Coaches Poll:

- Nick Satan ranking #3 Stanford ahead of #4 OSU
- Gary Pinkel ranking #3 Stanford ahead of #4 OSU (I guess his SEC loyalty has already set in)
- Troy Calhoun (Air Force head coach) ranking #3 Stanford and #4 Arkansas ahead of #5 OSU

Specific eye-opening votes in the Harris Poll:
- Scott Johnson ranking #3 Oregon and #4 Boise State ahead of #5 OSU
- Derrick Mayes ranking #3 Stanford, #4 Arkansas, and #5 Boise State ahead of #6 OSU
- Craig Morton ranking #3 Stanford and #4 Oregon ahead of #5 OSU
- Jeff Van Note ranking #3 Wisconsin and #4 Oregon ahead of #5 OSU
- Bob Wagner ranking #3 Stanford, #4 Boise State, and #5 Oregon ahead of #6 OSU
- George Wine ranking #3 Stanford, #4 Boise State, and #5 Houston ahead of #6 OSU - Cowboys Ride For Free

Another classic find by WRNL

Raise your hand if you've not been nominated for the Kansas coaching job.

At this point it looks like Fedora is off the board. Despite all the Fulmer talk there are some pretty definitive claims that he is NOT in the running. That leaves us with a list of guys such as Dave Christensen, Troy Calhoun, Sonny Dykes, Gus Malzahn etc. One person we haven't explored is Dirk Koetter. Koetter's name jumped on the radar early and has quietly remained in play. He fits a lot of what Zenger is looking at and the longer this drags out the more realistic it would seem that he is in play. - Rock Chalk Talk

2011 Texas football in retrospect. Was it a success or not?

There's still a bowl game to be played, but the regular season is in the books and it's an appropriate time to evaluate the 2011 season. Three good weeks of bowl practice and a win in San Diego would be a nice bookend to the season, but the outcome of the Holiday Bowl is not a defining event as far as evaluating the success of this season.

Texas fans want to talk about wins -- and rightly so -- but your level of satisfaction with this season probably depends on your ability to distinguish output and process. Our output this season was in many ways dissatisfying: five losses including a blowout in Dallas, uneven offensive line play from a hodge-podge collection of bodies, miserable quarterback play, etc. But that output was in many ways determined by mistakes made long before this season, under a coaching regime that has been thoroughly overhauled. - Burnt Orange Nation

Bob Stoops has been placed on noticed by our very own JTE. I agree that we are going to learn a lot about him and his staff in the way they prepare for this bowl game.

So it's to that point that I based my headline. Bob Stoops and this coaching staff have their hands full in getting this team ready to play on December 30th. Under Stoops, OU has developed a reputation nationally for coming up short in big spots. That unfair part of that would be all the Big 12 championships and more national title game appearances in his (Stoops) tenure than any other program in the country. Another unfair part of it, in my opinion, is the ridicule Stoops seems to receive for his record in those title games (1-3). Now the fair part of that reputation is the repeated instances where Stoops' teams have come out flat and so clearly unprepared for their opponent. So that's the fear, at least for me. The fear that this team comes out and lays yet another egg against a team they should be able to beat rather handily (no offense Iowa fans). - Crimson And Cream Machine

Latest basketball RPI watch by Bring On The Cats