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Congrats To Our Pick'em Contest Winner


Crimson And Cream Machine would like to thank Sooner Legends Inn and Suites for their sponsorship of our pick'em contest.

Our man pitbull is bringing home the grand prize from Sooner Legends Inn And Suites. He finished the season with 155 points which was just five points better than The Broylers in a very narrow race.

Pick'em Contest Final Standings (Top 10)

Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 soonermagic/pitbull17 155 155-118
2 The Broylers 150 150-123
3 Even God Hates texas 144 144-129
4 ED21 143 143-130
5 NCGorBUST 142 142-131
6 soonercrze 141 141-132
7 BullyBoy 140 140-133
8 Charbycharlie 140 140-133
9 Chaos N Suh 139 139-134
10 HeathC 138 138-135

We also need to give some mad props to our very own JTE who edged out OnlyOneOU in the Friday Locks with a 17-11 record. Congrats to all of our winners. Thanks to everyone for making this a fun season!