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Oklahoma @ Oklahoma St: Notable Stats

Many expected this game to be a bit closer than it actually was. Bob Stoops has a history of being backed into a corner and coming out swinging. All of that was missing in this game as the Sooners played a lackadaisical game with no passion. There is much to say about this game in terms of disappointment from the fan perspective.

  • On a positive note, Michael Hunnicutt has been great after the Texas Tech game and nailed a 48 yard FG
  • Landry Jones was solely accountable for 4-of-5 turnovers for the Sooners which lead to 21 Oklahoma St. Cowboys points
  • Tress Way punted a total of 8 times...can you say unproductive night for the offense as the passing game was held to just 5 yards per attempt?
  • Roy Finch averaged 7.2 yards per while Trey Millard averaged 6.4, however they were limited to a total of 14 carries on the night as Oklahoma played 5 different backs as yet again, OU shied away from trying to establish any short of running attack
  • The first 15 plays for the Sooners were passing attempts with one rushing end around to Trey Franks
  • At the half, OU say it's greatest deficit since the '04-'05 season against USC in the Orange Bowl
  • The Oklahoma St. Cowboys came out to rush the ball and did so successfully as Brent Venables employed a three man front without Ronnell Lewis or Frank Alexander and never moved away from it allowing 278 yards on the ground
  • The only WR's to catch the ball more than twice were Kenny Stills (6) and Trey Franks (8)
  • Oklahoma St. got it's first win in 9 years and scored the second most points by the Cowboys in the series with 44 and outscored the Sooners 20-0 in the third quarter...the most scored by the Cowboys was 47 in 1945