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Big XII NFL Draft Prospects

Few days are more depressing than the Monday after OU's college football regular season comes to an end. So in what is sure to be a exercise in futility, I thought you might be able to distract yourself with some NFL draft talk if only for a few minutes.

Now I'd expect you're just as skeptical about anything football "analysis" related from ESPiN's own Mel Kiper and Todd McShay, so I might as well just go ahead and get that disclaimer out of the way up front. So just keep that in mind as we move forward. Kiper has his "Big Board" and McShay has his Top 25 players, we're using the most recent editions for what you'll read below. Just to be clear, neither of these are mock drafts. Rather just each guy's Top 25-32 NFL draft prospects as of this week.

Landry Jones - Kiper #6, McShay #7

The OU quarterback is the highest rated Big XII player on McShay's board and the second highest on Kiper's. Kiper has him as the #2 QB (behind Andrew Luck), while McShay has him as the #3 QB (behind Luck and Matt Barkley).

Justin Blackmon - Kiper #4, McShay #9

The OSU star is the highest rated WR on each guy's board.

Ronnell Lewis - Kiper #18, McShay N/A

The OU linebacker checks in as a Top 20 player for Kiper, while McShay doesn't have The Hammer inside his Top 32.

Robert Griffin III - Kiper #21, McShay #21

Both guys agree on the Baylor superstar, checking in as the #21 overall player for each draft "expert." Both guys also agree that RGIII is the #4 QB behind Luck, Jones, and Barkley in some order.

Ryan Tannehill - Kiper N/A, McShay #25

McShay has been in love with Tannehill all season for some unexplainable reason, which only reaffirms my opinion that he'll suck in the NFL. The guy looked like a WR playing QB all year and this just in, the competition doesn't get any easier playing on Sundays.

Kendall Wright - Kiper N/A, McShay #32

Two Baylor Bears as projected 1st round picks should tell you a lot about how far Art Briles has brought that program. Wright is a guy who could have a nice career playing in the NFL with his size and speed.