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OU to Insight Bowl vs. Iowa

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Talk about a nightmare scenario for Oklahoma. Last night's embarrassing failure aside, now this team has to go back to Arizona. Again. Except this time it's to an even crappier bowl than the Fiesta. OU will be lucky, and I mean lucky, to sell 5,000 tickets to that game.

Couple Sooner Nation's complete lack of interest in the game with the fact that their projected likely opponent, Iowa, was just there last year as well. So it's not very likely that their fans will be very interested in making the same trip for a second year in a row.

They'll surely try and "spin" the whole Stoops/Iowa angle (because that hasn't been beaten to death yet), but that isn't near enough to convince Sooner fans to shell out money to go watch this OU team play a middling Big 10 team. Gonna be A LOT of empty seats in Tempe.