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Bob Stoops, wait for it . . . . to Penn State?

Apparently it's that time of the year already. No, not the holiday season. It's the Bob Stoops is taking "College Job X" season. According to a report from, that reads like one of the most gigantic assumptions of false hope you'll ever read, Bob Stoops has apparently all but scheduled his press conference to accept the Penn State job. Oh and if that weren't enough, while currently building an estimated four million dollar home in Norman he has also, according to this b.s. report, purchased a three million dollar home near the Penn State campus.

Ignoring the fact that Stoops has zero connection to the Penn State program and the obvious turmoil surrounding the job itself, this "rumor" makes absolutely no sense and reeks of a guy trying to make a name for himself. So kudos to you Charles Bowles, whoever you are, you sir have no shame. You say you wouldn't be shocked to see a press conference some time next week to announce Penn State has found their man to turn around their program? Well that may actually happen, but I with all zero of my inside sources can guarantee you Bob Stoops won't be in attendance.

So if the ridiculousness of this report is any indication, I guess we can expect plenty more "Bob Stoops to . . ." rumors all offseason. Yay!