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Insight Bowl Analysis - Oklahoma's Offense Becomes Run Heavy

What's the guy on the right all mad about?   (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
What's the guy on the right all mad about? (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

We'll certainly have deeper analysis coming up over the next few days or two but here are a couple of quick thoughts regarding Oklahoma's 31-14 win over Iowa in the Insight Bowl.

* Run Heavy Offense - The first thing that jumps out to be about Oklahoma's offensive performance (other than the fact that it was anemic) was that the Sooners attempted to pass the ball 27 times and ran it 34 times. Two of those rushes were scrambles by Landry Jones but they still go in the "rushes" category. Even without them the offense was still tilted slightly towards the run and that's something that no one really expected.

* Landry Jones Ends Drought - He was far from perfect but certainly played well enough to get the win. His third quarter touchdown pass to tight end Trent Ratterree ended a 15 quarter drought without a touchdown pass. If Landry Jones has played his last game as a Sooner then he will leave with the most bowl wins of any quarterback under Bob Stoops.

* Brennan Clay And Trey Millard Were The Two Best OU Running Backs - Who would have seen that coming from Clay? He averaged 4.9 yards per carry and look as strong as he had all season long. Millard? Why doesn't this kid get more carries?

* Tress Way Was Fantastic! - He punted six times and averaged 53.3 yards per kick.

* Ronnell Lewis Wasn't Missed - RJ Washington recorded two sacks and looked every bit as dominant as Lewis did at any point this season.

* Tony Jefferson Needs To Stay At Safety - Its a natural fit for him and he's a noticeable upgrade. Jefferson tied with Jamell Fleming for the most tackles with seven. Joseph Ibiloye was more than sufficient in Jefferson's old spot.

* Couldn't Help But Notice That Defensive Ends Coach Bobby Jack Wright Was The Only Assistant To Get A Gatorade Bath - Wonder what that's all about?

* ESPN's Jake Trotter Tweeted - That Mike Stoops was standing outside the Oklahoma locker room and said, "I'm ready to get back to work."