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Wasted Opportunity - Sooners Lose 56-55 At Cincinnati

Oklahoma had a lot riding on Thursday night's game against Cincinnati. The Bearcats were to be OU's first real road test of the season and a win would have potentially landed the Sooners in the Top 25 along with increasing Oklahoma's winning streak to six games. However, the greatest lost opportunity on Thursday is what a win on the road against the Bearcats would have done to Oklahoma's confidence.

Now we have to wonder what blowing a double-digit lead down the stretch will do to their psyche? Especially when Cincinnati shot just 27.9% from the floor.

Oklahoma did everything right against Cincinnati except for two things. They out shot the Bearcats 38.3% to 27.9% from the floor and out rebounded them 46-37. So where did the Sooners go wrong?

The Sooners left five points on the charity stripe and turned the ball over 17 times while only forcing 8 turnovers themselves.

Possibly the most damaging thing to the Sooners was what this loss did to Oklahoma's post season resume. At best now, Oklahoma can go 10-2 in non-conference play which means they'll need to pick up a minimum of 10 conference wins to be considered for the dance.

Andrew Fitzgerald led Oklahoma in scoring with 18 points, followed by Romero Osby's 12 points and Steven Pledger's 11, Cameron Clark was held scoreless in the game along with three other players.