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Tulsa World columnist, Dave Sittler, goes not so "off the record" about former OU coach John Blake

In a story first reported by Deadspin, Tulsa World columnist Dave Sittler had some not so flattering comments regarding former OU head coach John Blake.

Sittler: "That's what I'm—that must frustrate you that you have all this experience, you know what you're doing, and then they give it to some slapdick who hasn't earned his, you know. And then Donnie Duncan flat-out told me he gave it to him because he was black because they were worried about what Bob Simmons (OSU head coach at the time) was going to do with recruiting. I mean, those things must piss you off."

In a conversation with Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Bill Young, Sittler was evidently unaware that his conversation about Young's time at OU under Blake was still being recorded. I'm sure it would be naive to believe these kind of conversations don't go on all the time "off the record", but the fact that this was caught on tape and video can't be a good thing for Mr. Sittler I'd imagine.

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, comes of this as it does not portray anyone involved in the situation (Sittler, Blake, or OU) in a positive light.