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OU Football - Insight Bowl practice updates

Just a quick update as reports are starting to come out with regards to OU's bowl practices now that they've arrived in Arizona.

  • Joe Powell is reportedly practicing as a wide receiver which would make sense considering OU's lack of depth there and the fact that he was originally signed as a WR. He was switched before this season to corner back, so it's "news" in the respect that he's switched back for this game but no word (and don't expect any knowing Stoops) if this is a permanent move.
  • Kendal Thompson is also working at WR according to reports. Now this would be much more interesting because many people thought he'd have to switch positions to see the field at OU, but again we don't know if this is just temporary or not. It would be difficult to imagine him actually playing WR in this game considering he's been practicing at QB all season.
  • These practices were going to be our best confirmation of possible transfers we haven't heard about already since we knew Stoops wouldn't discuss them until after the game. So the players reported not to be in attendance at the first practice were: Justin McCay (expected), Torrea Peterson (rumored/expected), Eric Humphrey (rumored/somewhat expected), and Sheldon McClain (rumored/somewhat expected/disappointing).
  • OU also released an updated depth chart today for the upcoming bowl game, so some updates of note to follow. Trey Franks is listed as a starter ahead of Dejuan Miller. James Winchester is listed as the backup Kenny Stills and I'd be very surprised if Winchester doesn't see some time at WR. Jaydan Bird is listed as the backup at FB (what happened to Musil?!?). Marquis Anderson is now listed as a backup at DT (which if they play this kid and burn his redshirt in a totally meaningless bowl game these coaches are freaking retarded).