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Latest Nebraska Hire Leaves Mike Stoops Still Lurking

Former Oklahoma defensive coordinator Mike Stoops is still on the hunt for a job and the field is narrowing. One of the rumored places to land Stoops was Nebraska where Bo Pelini promoted John Papuchis from defensive line coach to defensive coordinator. Yep, you can scratch that one off the list right along with Ohio State and Arkansas. So where does that leave Mike Stoops in terms of returning to Oklahoma?

Obviously the fact that Oklahoma doesn't currently have an open coaching position leaves the Sooners in the background and until said position opens up all we have is speculation. However, the fact that Mike Stoops has been rumored to be in on so many jobs and has yet to land one could possibly speak to his desire to be back at Oklahoma.

It makes sense that there's been no "shake up" in the coaching staff because Oklahoma still has a game to play but on the other hand it doesn't make any sense at all. If there's going to be a move then make a move! Peeking into the rumor window once again the timing here says one of two things. 1) There is going to be absolutely no change in the coaching staff. 2) The timing of everything here points to there possibly being some truth that one of the members of the coaching staff is "shopping" around for a new job and Mike Stoops is waiting in the wings. What does or doesn't happen after the bowl game will indicate where these rumors are in the way of truth.

What's going to be interesting is that after the Insight Bowl another position opens up where Mike Stoops is almost sure to be rumored as a candidate. Friday's Insight Bowl marks the end of the Norm Parker era as the defensive coordinator at Iowa. Its going to be an interesting off season!