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Sooners swing and miss on two highly regarded 2012 JUCO recruits

Pierce Community College teammates Gerald Bowman and Kasseim Everett held their announcement ceremonies together Wednesday afternoon to announce their college destinations. Bowman, a four star safety and one of top JUCO prospects in the country, was deciding between Oklahoma, USC, and Miami. He had visited OU several weeks ago and spoke very highly of his time in Norman, but evidently it was not enough to overcome the appeal of Lane Kiffin and the USC Trojans which is where Bowman will enroll this spring.

Truthfully, the news on Bowman for those that were following his recruitment wasn't really all that shocking. It was a big position of need for OU and you have to think he'd have had a good chance of coming in and starting, but many felt the pull of USC was too strong for the Sooners to overcome.

However, we still had one more chance for some good news Wednesday and that was from Bowman's teammate, cornerback Kasseim Everett. Everett had narrowed down his choices to OU and Texas Tech. Stoops and all OU has to offer vs. Tubberville who just unloaded most of his defensive staff. Have to like our chances on that one right?

Uh, not so much. Everett chose Texas Tech.

That's right people. He narrows his choices to us and the Red Raiders and he picks Lubbock freaking Texas. When the bleep did we start losing recruits to Texas freaking Tech? I guess about the time they kicked our you know whats up and down Owen Field huh?

It's just two guys and obviously you don't get everyone you target, but this has to be considered a pretty big whiff by Willie Martinez IMO.