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Big 12 Quoteboard: Big 12 Hoops Finally Throwing Some Love Towards Oklahoma But Not Everyone Agrees

A slow finals week capped by an action packed weekend that led to some movement in the polls. Did we see the real A&M, Baylor, KU and Iowa State squads, or were they just off after the long study break? And I'm not going to lie, because of how some of these teams played over the past 7 days, this was the most difficult week to do Power Rankings.

Disagree with us? Put your rankings in the comments section.

1. Missouri Tigers

Overall Record: 11-0
Last Week's Record: 2-0
Last Week's Ranking/Movement: T1, same
What Evan Says: To quote my friend Snake, "ok finally the one game that marks the time to start paying attention!" Mizzou-Illinois on Thursday.

See where the Sooners are ranked at Big 12 Hoops

In his seventh year as the head coach of the Cowboys, Gundy has accomplished the unthinkable and now, Oklahoma State Athletic Director Mike Holder is doing the unthinkable in return. - Cowboys Ride For Free

9. Oklahoma - I really wanted to put the Sooners at #8, but they just haven't played, let alone beaten anyone that's any good. Sure they have "BCS" wins over Washington State and Arkansas, but both teams are going to finish at or near the bottom of their respective leagues. That being said, I do like what Lon Kruger has going on in Norman and I think he was a terrific hire. OU is going to spring an upset or two this year. - WRNL

Poor Donald Junior. After two seasons in the Greg Davis doghouse, there seemed little question that new co-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin would free junior running back DJ Monroe, perhaps the poster boy for poor utilization by the Texas staff in 2010. Particularly galling were the excuses that Davis would trot out for why he couldn't put the ball in the hands of a player who looked for all the world like a big play waiting to happen every time he touched it.

Unfortunately, the chorus of complaints about Monroe receiving only occasional carries never subsided under Harsin, as Monroe continued to play only a small role in the offense despite consistent production in line with the tantalizing production provided in flashes in 2009 and 2010. Most disturbingly, Harsin started to make his own excuses about why he couldn't get Monroe the ball, some which sounding suspiciously like those used by Davis. - Burnt Orange Nation

Holy wow how things have changed. A year ago Sooner Nation was talking about having the deepest set of running backs in the entire country and heading into 2012, RB could be one of the most shallow positions on this entire team. Losing Jermie Calhoun, Jonathan Miller, and most recently Brandon Williams has put a strangle hold on the Sooners depth at the position. The projected starter will be coming off a broken ankle. Your arguably most talented player has had both health and concentration issues and will never be capable of being an every down back. A former highly rated recruit seems to be playing timid and lost his explosiveness. And that's about it in terms of guys you can be confident will even be here next year. Not exactly the picture of stability for a unit that this OU offense needs to step up in a big way in 2012. - Crimson And Cream Machine

Mizzou is 11-0, ranked in the top ten, and deep in preparation for Thursday night's Braggin' Rights contest. With so much to play for in the present tense, there is really no need to focus too much on the future. But Jabari Brown's commitment yesterday (the university made his transfer official this morning) more or less finalized the 2012-13 roster, and with so much turnover from this year to next year, it is worth hitting the pause button for a moment and looking ahead, if just for one post. - Rock M Nation