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Why not add another former five star to the rapidly growing list of OU transfers

Friend of CCM, Jake Trotter ($), is reporting that the Sooners have likely suffered yet another transfer to a former high profile recruit. This time it's WR Justin McCay who seemed to indicate through a conversation on Twitter yesterday with WR Kameel Jackson that he was no longer with the team. Here is the exchange between the two courtesy of Trotter and Twitter:

Justin McCay: Sometimes it's hard to believe that everything happens for a reason
Justin McCay: man it's been the longest day of my life.
Kameel Jackson: I bet brody. I wish nothing but the best for you though. real talk !!
Justin McCay: always you to. Get your haircut for starters lol. We better keep in touch
Kameel Jackson: It was weird not seeing you today (Sooners practiced Monday afternoon)

McCay was a five star recruit by at least one service at the time he signed with OU in the 2010 class. He had also been the subject of a fair amount of speculation about a possible transfer due to never having seen a single snap in two full years on campus.

Trotter also made mention of two more possible names we could be hearing soon with respect to transfers. DTs Torrea Peterson and Eric Humphries. Talk about Peterson leaving the team started yesterday and Humphries was not included in the Sooners updated online roster that was released Monday (which admittedly could have been an oversight). This would be quite as dire as TE, where we'll have literally zero returning scholarship players next year, but in 2012 we'll have three seniors all leaving and not a single player behind them who has played a down.

I've read a ton of opinions on what is going on right now with our beloved football program and the shocking amount of turnover on this roster. I've read a lot of people say the equivalent of "good riddance" and that we're cleaning house of guys who don't want to put in the work. I'm not saying that's not a fair assessment, but I'm kind of more on the flip side of that coin I think. Given the virtually non-existent use of the backups by these OU coaches I'd ask you what exactly is the pay off for these kids if they did in fact "put in the work?"

McCay for example. The kid has been here two years and admittedly came in pretty raw for a WR, but he redshirted (as he needed to) so he could work on route running and what not. So then this year, after sitting in 2010, the kid watches multiple guy ahead of him go down, some who replace those guys get in and drop ball after ball after ball, and yet this kid can't get a single snap?!?

Honestly, I don't think you can put this wholly on either the players or the coaches individually, but if you think this doesn't have something to do with the fact that these coaches can be up by 5 TDs in the 4th quarter and most of their starters are still in the game then you're lying to yourself IMO. Playing time is the ultimate reward for any college football player and there is no arguing that these OU coaches do not spread it out very evenly.

Maybe I'm wrong, and I'll happily admit it if so, because I never played football at this level but is it really fair for these coaches to ask these kids to kill themselves on the practice field and never reward them for that effort by putting them in the games? Call me naive, but if I was a player and that was happening to me I'd be pretty pissed off too. Again, maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think that is at all about "entitlement" or feeling you're owed something. In any facet of life, if you put in the hard work you're doing so for some kind of pay off, and if you never get it you're telling me you wouldn't be hacked off?

If some of these players needed to go then so be it, I'm good with that. But in my opinion this doesn't automatically solve this team's problems because it's foolish to think it's just a player issue. These coaches are partly to blame and we can argue about how much, but what no one can argue is that they (the coaches) are the one and only constant in this formula. The players come and go, but these coaches don't go anywhere.

So a part of me can't help but feel this is still the same mind numbingly stubborn staff again refusing to change how they do things and instead just getting rid of the guys who are questioning their methods.

Maybe it's time to start questioning those methods fellas?