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Bedlam Q&A With Pistols Firing

We introduced you to Kyle from Pistols Firing Thursday night on our podcast now he's back with us for our Friday opponent Q&A. Of course we're not just talking any opponent here. This is Bedlam and for the second year in a row the Big 12 championship is at stake for the winner of this game.

CCM: Had it not been for Texas Tech, Baylor and Iowa State this would have been the biggest Bedlam game in the history of the rivalry. As it stands now, we've still got a top 10 match up and the Big 12 championship on the line. Which team has more pressure on it?

PF: I think OSU definitely has more pressure on it for this game. Mostly because I think, whether it's right or wrong, a lot of people think of OU's season as a bust (even if they make the Fiesta Bowl). But also because, theoretically, OSU is still playing to get into the national title game.

CCM: Brandon Weeden is tied for most touchdown passes in the Big 12 while Justin Blackmon leads in touchdown receptions. If you're game planning forOklahoma how do you slow down the OSU offense?

PF: Stop the run. OSU is averaging 60 yards of rushing in its three closest games (A&M, Kansas State, and Iowa State) and 211 in the rest of its games.

CCM: Is there any fear from a fan's perspective of a slow start or sluggish play following a loss and a bye week?

PF: Absolutely, I think more the loss than the bye week. The last time OSU had a bye week, it hung 56 on KU in about 22 minutes. I just don't see, from a player's perspective, how you aren't still thinking about the title dream you left on the field in Ames.

CCM: On the defensive side of the ball the Cowboys have made a living on forcing turnovers. If Oklahoma can protect the football what becomes your biggest fear with the OSU defense?

PF: Stopping the Belldozer in the red zone. OU is going to move the ball, no question about that, but if OSU can hold them to field goals in the red zone and/or get some picks and protect the ball themselves, they should win.

CCM: Score prediction time. Tell us how it is all going to shake out on Saturday night.

PF: I'll go 41-38 Cowboys in a thriller.